Ranakpur Tour

Here you have knowledge of Our Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh Tourist Place.

Day 5 Tour by Taxi [Swift Dezire/Indigo Non AC- 2400/-INR or AC- 2700/-INR]

Ranakpur Jain Temple


Renowned for some marvelously carved Jain temples in amber stones, Ranakpur is one of the five holy places of the Jain community. These temples were created in the 15th century A.D. during the reign of Rana Kumbha and are enclosed within a wall. The central 'Chaumukha' or four faced temple is dedicated to the venerated Tirthankara Rishabhji. Open on all four sides, it enshrines the four faced image of Adinath. Sprawling over 48,000 sq.feet, the temple is an astounding creation with 29 halls and 1,444 pillars - all distinctly carved.
Kumbhalgarh Fort


Built between 1443-1456 ad under supervision of famous architect Mandan itis believedthat the fort as built over the remains of earlier structure associatedto joins prince samprati of the second centuryback the fort the defended by aseries of bastions at regular intervalsenteredthroughaaret pol, and hanumanpol from south one can reach to the ram pol and vijay pol the main entrance of the fort. The palatial complex at the top of fort is approached through bhairon pol, nimboo pol paghra pol.

Charbhuja Ji

Shri Charbhuja temple was build near the Gomati. Temple is also known for its unmatched architecture with magnificent mirror work inside the temple. White marble,and mirror is used for construction material for this temple. Its gold inside shutters and silver ouside shutter attracts with stone elephant.85 cm idol of Shri Charbhuja ji has four arms which are holding conch, discus, mace and a lotus flower each.